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Obama: ‘We’ve Had Problems with Cyber Intrusions from Russia’

President Barack Obama said on Monday at the G-20 summit in China that the U.S. has had problems with Russian hackers in the past.

The Hill reports:

The leaders discussed Syria, Ukraine and cybersecurity, according to the White House.

When asked about his conversation with Putin at a press conference Monday, Obama said they discussed “cybersecurity generally.”

“I will you tell you’ve had problems with cyber intrusions from Russia in the past and from other countries in the past,” Obama said. “We’re moving into a new era here and frankly, we’ve got more capacity than anybody both offensively and defensively.”

Obama said the two leaders talked about the subject “generally,” emphasizing that “the goal is not to duplicate in the cyber area the cycle of escalation” that has made other conflicts more difficult to solve.

Obama said the U.S. is focused on “instituting some norms so that everybody’s acting responsibly.”

Photo credit: Talking Points Memo.

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