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Gun Control Group: 4,500 Shot to Death While Congress Was Out

A gun control group announced the number of people that were shot while Congress was on recess.

The Hill reports:

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence reported Tuesday that 4,500 people have been shot and killed since lawmakers left Washington in mid-July.

Lawmakers will be greeted by protests from gun control advocates Tuesday when they return to Capitol Hill.

“Congress is in for a rude awakening today if they thought seven weeks of vacation would wipe the slate clean,” said Brady President Dan Gross. “While Congress enjoyed nearly two months of sun and fun, the American people paid the ultimate price for Congress’ inaction, with 4,500 shot and killed during August recess alone. Now that they’re finally back at work, gun violence must be a priority for Congress.”

The group intends to “plaster offices of the corporate gun lobby’s most loyal lap dogs” with the names of their constituents who were shot to death during the August recess.

“These lives were abruptly and violently cut short by guns while politicians did nothing,” Gross said.

Shortly before leaving town, the Senate rejected a pair of background check measures that aimed to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

This came after Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) held a 15-hour filibuster and House Democratsstaged a sit-in, both of which drew national attention to the issue of gun control.

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