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Reporters Rip Lauer for Not Pushing Back on Trump’s Iraq War Claim

Several reporters slammed NBC’s Matt Lauer on Twitter on Wednesday night for failing to push Donald Trump’s horrible answer to a question about Iraq.

The Hill reports:

Lauer, host of the “Today” show, moderated the “Commander in Chief” forum on NBC News, posing questions to Hillary Clinton and Trump on national security. But he was criticized for not asking follow-up questions and letting Trump flip from previous statements he’s made.

Reporters especially took issue with Lauer not pushing back on Trump’s claim that he has opposed the Iraq War from the start. Numerous fact-checking groups have deemed that claim false.

Trump has maintained throughout his campaign that he never supported the Iraq War; early interviews prove otherwise. Clinton, who went first during the NBC News event, charged that she and Trump both made a mistake in supporting the war in its beginnings.

Photo credit: NBC / Screenshot.

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