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Martin Shkreli Taunts Clinton Outside Apartment After 9/11 Ceremony

Martin Shkreli mocked Hillary Clinton on Sunday as she showed up to her daughter’s apartment in New York City.

The Hill reports:

The Democratic presidential nominee left a 9/11 memorial ceremony early Sunday after becoming “overheated,” aides said.

After resting at her daughter’s apartment, she emerged, telling reporters she felt great.

Shkreli stood outside yelling and telling her to drop out of the presidential race.

“Do you need pharma bro’s help?” Shkreli yelled at Clinton, according to a video he posted on YouTube.

“Why are you so sick?” he also said, according to The New York Post.

“Get well soon bae!” he added on Twitter.

Shkreli, the former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, raised ire when he hiked the price vital pills manufactured by his company. He’s now being investigated over unrelated allegations, including fraud charges.

Photo credit: YouTube / Screenshot.

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