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Clinton to Reveal More Health Info in Coming Days

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is set to release further details about her health in the coming days.

“In the next couple days, we’re going to be releasing additional medical information about Hillary Clinton,” spokesman Brian Fallon said on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports.”

The Hill reports:

Fallon said that “there’s no other undisclosed condition; the pneumonia is the extent of it.”

The aide cited Clinton’s physician to say that Clinton’s pneumonia had nothing to do with the concussion she suffered in 2012 while serving as secretary of State.

Clinton left a 9/11 memorial early on Sunday after her campaign said she became overheated. The campaign official said Monday he believed Clinton remained conscious despite video the day before showing her stumbling toward a black van as aides propped her up.

Fallon fielded questions over Secret Service protocol for escorting Clinton away from the memorial and said the candidate wanted to go to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment instead of seeking immediate medical attention.

“Is it up to her?” host Andrea Mitchell pressed.

“She was telling everybody in earshot that she was perfectly fine,” Fallon responded, noting that aides made attempts to contact her physician, who visited her later. He said Clinton contacted aides by phone while in the car.

GOP rival Donald Trump’s campaign has fanned speculation about Clinton’s health problems for months, which her aides have dismissed. But Clinton’s campaign faced criticism on Sunday for not telling the press about her whereabouts or well-being.

David Axelrod, a former White House senior adviser to President Obama, ripped Clinton on Monday for an “unhealthy penchant for privacy.”

Trump on Monday said he would release more information about his own health — the results of a physical conducted last week — while predicting that it would reflect favorably on himself.

Fallon argued that Clinton was “dead set” on attending the 9/11 ceremony on Sunday despite being diagnosed with pneumonia two days earlier. The pneumonia diagnosis was disclosed on Sunday evening after video emerged of her stumbling.

The Clinton aide said the campaign could have better-kept press informed in the 90 minutes after Clinton left the memorial.

“That’s on the staff, that’s on us, and we regret that,” Fallon said.

Fallon said Clinton “initially left on her own accord,” though acknowledged the video showing aides helping her into a van to leave the ceremony. He also noted that Clinton’s physician released astatement last year saying she was fit to serve as president.

Fallon said Clinton would be back on the trail later this week after canceling fundraisers in California on Monday and Tuesday.

He also confirmed a report that senior members of Clinton’s staff, including himself and campaign manager Robby Mook, had experienced sickness in recent weeks.

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