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CNN Host Says Sexism a Factor in Clinton Health Coverage

A CNN commentator said on Tuesday that Hillary Clinton’s hid her ongoing battle with pneumonia out of fear of sexist coverage by the media.

“Can’t a girl have a sick day or two?” Amanpour said, listing presidents who hid their health issues from the public.

“Imagine a world where you can’t slow down, can’t rest, and you absolutely can’t get sick,” she added.

The Hill reports:

Clinton’s Friday diagnosis of pneumonia wasn’t revealed by the campaign until two days later, after the 68-year-old Democratic presidential nominee was seen on video collapsing while trying to enter her van after leaving a memorial ceremony in New York.

Video taken by a bystander showed three people helping keep Clinton from falling.

“Don’t get me started, because when it comes to overqualified women having to try 100 times harder than underqualified men to get a break, or even a level playing field, well, we know that story,” Amanpour said.

CNN media critic Brian Stelter made similar defenses of Clinton on Sunday, saying after Clinton’s incident: “If she had pneumonia and she went to the 9/11 ceremony this morning, that’s a very strong, bold thing to do — also knowing that Trump was going to be there.”

“We should be honest about the double standards that women sometimes face with regards to their health,” Stelter continued, “with the idea that women are portrayed as being weaker than men, how they have to work harder to show they are as strong as men, especially in workplaces, especially in politics.”

Clinton said in a Monday interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper that she’s “feeling so much better.” She’ll be resting Tuesday but is expected to return to campaign events later this week.

Photo credit: CNN / Screenshot.

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