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Ivanka: Trump a Better Leader on Child Care Than Clinton

Ivanka Trump suggested on Wednesday that her father would be a better leader than Hillary Clinton.

“I think we took a giant leap forward with the plan and, you know, respectfully, Hillary Clinton has been around for decades and there’s no policy benefiting either mothers or fathers in terms of paid leave,” Ivanka Trump said Wednesday morning on “Good Morning America.”

“So I think the fact that we are advocating for this and advocating for it so strongly and taking leadership on this is testament in itself to our thoughts on this subject, but certainly she had opportunity to have a concept like that.”

The Hill reports:

In addition to six weeks of paid leave, Donald Trump’s plan also adds additional tax rebates and creates new dependent care flexible savings accounts, which families could use for a variety of costs, including healthcare and private school tuition.

“Our plan … creates a bipartisan solution to the issue of maternity leave,” a Trump aide said on a Tuesday campaign call with reporters.

“Our campaign is about getting things done for the American people, and we believe we’ve found a solution on paid maternity leave that could get very broad, bipartisan support and be completely self financing.”

Photo credit: ABC / Screenshot.

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