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Clinton Tweets 20 Questions Trump ‘Needs to Answer—Now’

Hillary Clinton tweeted Trump a list of questions she wants him to answer about his unpublished past.

The Hill reports:

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Wednesday tweeted a list of 20 questions for her Republican rival, focusing on the Trump Foundation and its reported ties to foreign leaders.

“In light of @kurteichenwald’s report on the Trump Organization’s dangerous ties, here are 20 questions that Trump needs to answer—now,” Clinton tweeted Wednesday afternoon, referring to a Newsweek piece by Kurt Eichenwald.

The report, published on Wednesday, looked into the Trump Organization and found it had “deep ties to global financiers, foreign politicians and even criminals.” But it found no evidence the organization took part in any illegal activities.

“If Trump moves into the White House and his family continues to receive any benefit from the company, during or even after his presidency, almost every foreign policy decision he makes will raise serious conflicts of interest and ethical quagmires,” the report says.

Clinton, whose own family foundation has been the focus of pay-to-play allegations related to her time helming the State Department, began her series of tweets by questioning whether Trump would “sever ties” with his company if he becomes president

She also raised questions about what could be in the GOP nominee’s tax returns, which he has declined to release because he says is under audit.

“While refusing to release your tax returns, how will you confirm that you do not have dangerous financial ties to bad actors abroad?” Clinton asked.

The Democratic nominee cited several parts of the Newsweek report in subsequent tweets, questioning how much Trump’s foreign policy would be determined by “potential financial benefits for your business partners.”

“How can we be sure you’d be willing to be tough on any nation if necessary, if it would put your interests and profits at risk?” she asked.

She also asked about Trump’s ties to Russia and raised questions about pay-to-play allegations.

“In sum, how will Trump guarantee that if forced to choose between America’s security and his own bank account, he won’t pick the latter,” Clinton asked in her 19th question.

“It’s pretty clear: Trump’s spent his life unscrupulously looking out for his own wallet above all. Why would that change as president?”

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