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Trump to Interviewer: ‘I Wouldn’t Be Talking to You’ If Medical Test Results Were ‘Bad’

Donald Trump implied Thursday that Hillary Clinton is hiding bad health reports by not being open with the press.

The Hill reports:

Donald Trump on Thursday told an interviewer that he “wouldn’t be talking to you right now” if his medical results were bad.

“If they were bad, I would say, ‘let’s sort of skip this, right?'” he said on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends.”“I was quick to do it,” the GOP presidential nominee added of his most recent physical last week. “The cholesterol, I think, is quite good. I did all the tests, I did every test. I had every single test you can have, and they were good.”

Trump on Wednesday gave the results of his most recent medical exam to TV personality Mehmet Oz during a much-publicized taping of “The Dr. Oz Show.” His appearance will air on Thursday.

A summary of Trump’s results has not been made public.

“The Dr. Oz Show” said in a statement Wednesday that Dr. Harold Bornstein, Trump’s longtime doctor, examined the billionaire.

Bornstein last year released a short letter enthusiastically declaring Trump would be the healthiest person ever elected president. Bornstein last month confessed he had written his assessment in five minutes while waiting for a limo outside his office.

Trump has pointed to his medical history as evidence he is more transparent than Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia last week and did not reveal her illness until she nearly collapsed in public last Sunday.

Following Trump’s interview with Oz on Wednesday, Clinton released a new batch of medical records.

Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.), Clinton’s running mate, has also released his records.

Gov. Mike Pence (R-Ind.), who is Trump’s vice presidential pick, has meanwhile vowed his records are coming soon.

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