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Trump on Terrorists: ‘We’re Allowing These People to Come In’

Donald Trump said on Monday that the United States continuously lets terrorists in the country.

“We’re allowing these people to come into our country and destroy our country and make it unsafe for people. We’re allowing these people to come in,” Trump said on “Fox & Friends.”

“We don’t want to do any profiling. If somebody looks like he’s got a massive bomb on his back, we won’t go up to that person … because, if he looks like he comes from that part of the world, we’re not allowed to profile. Give me a break.”

The Hill reports:

In June, the GOP nominee said the U.S. needs to start looking into the use of profiling to stop terrorism.

He said he doesn’t like the concept, but it may be necessary.

“Other countries do it. You look at Israel and you look at others, and they do it and they do it successfully,” he said during a June interview on CBS’s “Face The Nation.”

Trump also on Monday warned the situation in the country will only get worse.

His comments come after explosions this weekend in New York and New Jersey. The New York City explosion injured 29 people.

Trump took flak this weekend for announcing a bomb had exploded in New York City before it was clear what had caused the explosion.

Photo credit: Fox News / Screenshot.

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