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Republican Billionaire Pledges $2M to Clinton

A wealthy Republican billionaire from Florida said he will donate “over” $2 million to Hillary Clinton’s campaign in the coming weeks.

“[I can’t] support a party I no longer recognize,” healthcare magnate Mike Fernandez said in a Tuesday email obtained by the Miami Herald.

“I specifically call on all Latinos to reject a man who encourages violence against you,” he added in a reference to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The Hill reports:

Fernandez said his money is intended to “focus on Latino outreach and registration in Florida.”

Fernandez, who is Cuban-American, added he that rejects Trump’s policies regarding Havana.

“This man is taking you and America down the same path of disappointment that you have lived for 60 years,” he told other Cuban-Americans in his email.

The Miami Herald said Fernandez is a vocal supporter of President Obama’s re-engagement with Cuba.

Fernandez announced earlier this month he would forcibly back Clinton over Trump heading toward Election Day.

“As a Republican who has contributed millions to our party’s causes, I ask: Why has our party not sought a psychological evaluation of its nominee?” he asked in an op-ed for the Herald.

“I harbor no illusion that Hillary Clinton is perfect; none of us is,” Fernandez added.

“I do not see eye to eye on some issues with the former senator from New York. However, Clinton is, without doubt, a superior choice to Donald Trump.”

Fernandez, who spent $3 million on former Florida Republican Gov. Jeb Bush’s failed White House run, has long opposed Trump’s bid, arguing the real estate tycoon threatens basic democratic values.

Although he donated $100,000 last year to America Rising, a Republican group targeting Clinton, Fernandez vowed last December that he would back Clinton if Trump secured the Republican presidential nomination.

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