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Sanders: Trump Presidency Would Be ‘Absolute Disaster’

Bernie Sanders blasted Donald Trump on Tuesday, calling a Trump presidency an “absolute disaster.”

“I’m a United States senator, and I have a responsibility to the people of my state — also to the people of this country,” Sanders said in an interview with The Nation published Tuesday.

“The first thing that I’ve got to think about is: What does a Donald Trump presidency mean for the people of my state and for the people of this country? And for the people of the world? I think it would be an absolute disaster,” he said of the Republican presidential nominee.

“It would be beyond a disaster. Therefore, as a United States senator, I’ve got to do everything that I can to make sure that Trump does not become president.”

The Hill reports:

Sanders said his goal isn’t to say “Hillary Clinton is the best thing in the history of the world — she’s great, she’s wonderful, she’s terrific.”

“The point is not to say that we love Hillary Clinton or that we agree with her on all of the issues. The goal is to go above that and ask: Which candidate will do a better job for middle-class and working-class families? I think the answer is obvious.”

Sanders touted that he and other progressives would push Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, to become more progressive herself.

“I’m not going to sit here and say to you that Hillary Clinton is going to be great on all these issues with absolute confidence. That’s not what I’m saying,” Sanders said.

“I’m saying that on many, many issues, her views are progressive. In many areas, they are awesome. Where they’re not progressive, we’ve got to push her, and the day after the election, we will mobilize millions of people to make sure that we make her the most progressive president that she can be.”

Sanders mounted a major challenge to Clinton in the Democratic presidential primaries, winning 22 states before endorsing Clinton shortly before the Democratic National Convention in July. He has since hit the campaign trail on her behalf, including for a series of events in Ohio over the weekend.

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