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ABC Reporter Asks Clinton If She Needs Neurological Tests

Hillary Clinton laughed off comments by a reporter to undergo a neuro-cognitive test in response to the rumors that she has a brain condition.

The Hill reports:

A Tampa, Fla., ABC News reporter asked Hillary Clinton whether she would be willing to take neurological exams in the wake of recent health concerns.

Clinton laughed off the question by ABC Action News reporter Sarina Fazan, who said some doctors had called on her to take “neuro-cognitive” tests.

“I am very sorry I got pneumonia,” Clinton said. “I am very glad that antibiotics took care of it and that’s behind us now. I have met the standard that everybody running for president has met in terms of releasing information about my health.”

The Democratic presidential nominee added that she saw no need for such tests.

“The information is very clear, and the information, as I said, meets the standards that every other person running for president has ever had to meet.”

Last month, Dr. David Scheiner, a former physician to President Obama, told CNN he saw a number of questions about both the health of both Clinton and GOP nominee Donald Trump.

“For example, she’s on Coumadin, a medication to prevent blood clots,” Scheiner said. “You have to monitor that and it says she’s being monitored regularly, I’d like to know how well she’s being controlled. That’s a difficult drug to use.”

“Also, I think she should have had a neurological examination, a thorough neurological examination in 2016,” he added. “We know what happens to football players who have had concussions, how they begin to lose some of their cognitive ability. I think both of them [Trump and Clinton] should release their records.”

Candidate health — and transparency about her health — came to the forefront of the presidential campaign when Clinton suffered a medical episode as she left a Sept. 11 memorial service.

After video of the incident surfaced, Clinton’s campaign disclosed she had been diagnosed with pneumonia two days earlier.

Dr. Bob Lehita, chairman of the Department of Medicine at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, raised questions in August about Clinton’s past diagnoses of two blood clots.

“This is a very unusual story with Hillary,” Lahita said on Fox Business. “The very fact that she’s having these clots and she’s had two bouts of thrombosis is disconcerting, to say the least.”

A recent Morning Consult poll showed that 79 percent of those surveyed said they have heard “a lot or some about Clinton’s health concerns.” And only 29 percent of those polled believe Clinton has given accurate information about her health.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr.

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  • mb65

    Hillary will have neurological testing when Trump does………………if ANYONE needed it, it’s him…….he is CRAZIER THAN A LOON

  • wbischo

    The people who list concerns about candidate Hillary Clinton seem to have less common sense than Trump, himself, and THAT causes CONCERN ABOUT THE MENTAL HEALTH OF SOME VOTERS. THEY DO NOT BELIEVE THE EXTENSIVE MEDICAL RECORDS HILLARY HAS RELEASED SAYING SHE IS NOT HAVING NEUROLOGICAL ISSUES? Why? THEY BELIEVE CONTRACTING 2 BLOOD BLOTS AFTER A FALL, Should exclude her from the PRESIDENCY, Why? THEY THINK NOT ANNOUNCING A MILD CASE OF PNEUMONIA INDICATES SHE IS WITHHOLDING OTHER HEALTH ISSUES. Why? I HAD PNUEMONIA TWICE, AND I WAS ON ANTIBIOTICS AND WAS CLEARED FOR WORK. I DID NOT ANNOUNCE IT TO MY BOSS. WHY DOES THE PUBLIC FEEL THEY NEED TO KNOW THINGS WHICH ARE OF NO CONSEQUENCE? WHY ?? Coumadin is a blood thinner used to PREVENT blood clots. Millions of people use them and it helps them to STAY HEALTHY. MOST seniors are advised to take a baby aspirin every day to help prevent blood clots. Why would that be an issue for concern. WHY? THEIR ALTERNATIVE IS TO VOTE FOR TRUMP, who could have a brain tumor or a
    terminal veneral disease or ANYTHING, for all they know or care. His actual health
    records have not been released. His tax records have not been released either. He has been accused by the IRS of tax fraud, along with his children. The TRIAL FOR WHICH, is scheduled for NOV, 2016 . HE LIES ABOUT HIS FINANCIAL SITUATION, HAS HAD FOUR BANKRUPTCIES, and he says those things show he is a good businessman. HOW? So why won’t he prove it? He is the most negative, fear mongering person on the planet. He is only able to compete with Hillary by tellin the most outrageous lies to those who atrend his speeches. He never campaigns about valid plans for the country, just unconstitutional hot button outrageous plans for a BERLIN TYPE WALL ON OUR SOUTHERN BORDER, that we could never afford to build, and which would take years to build even if we had the labor, after he deports 20 million people. People don’t trust Hillary on National Security, yet she has been MORE. Conscientious than ANY predecessor In her position. She has effectively dealt with world leaders and has their respect. SHE IS one of the most QUALIFIED, honest, CARING, hardworking and Patriotic PERSONS YOU COULD EVER HOPE TO FIND. SHE HAS BEEN VILIFIED BECAUSE OF THOSE VERY QUALITIES BY THE REPUBLICANS, BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO CANDIDATE who could beat her in an honest campaign. DEMOCRATS, please don’t allow the Republican/ Trump campaign of lies prevent you from electing the best PRESIDENT IN OUR HISTORY. HILLARY’S immigration views follow the CONSTITUTION. OUR LAWS on immigration are strict and Trump has lied and created fear among our citizens about immigrant refugees. Refugees are held and investigated for 1 1/2 to 2 Years with numerous background checks before ever coming into our country. Most are very old, or very young, with only 3% being young adult males. We take very few refugees, compared to other countries. About 1800 in the latest group. Trump has said Obama takes 200,000 a month. A LIE he repeats often. Trump wants to nuke all of Syria, to get rid of ISIS, yet most are scattered in small cells around the world, including our own country, and require world wide vigilance and cooperation to remove them from society. The hatred being spewed right now, has created more terrorism than we have ever seen in the past, and it is both foreign and domestic. How can he be thought to be BETTER for National Security, when he idolizes our WORST enemies, past and present. He will ISOLATE the USA from our Allies, and make us a bigger target for terrorist activities. His nuclear plans will destroy our PLANET. His ECONOMIC, SOCIAL, LABOR FORCE, and Security plans are non existent, so you are accepting a PIG IN A POKE. LITERALLY! His opinion of his voters, is that if he openly KILLED people on a public street, you would support him, and you are IGNORING this insult to your integrity. Yet you demonize Hillary for calling your support of Trump DEPLORABLE. YOU DO SUPPORT ALL HIS CRAZY ANTI AMERICAN BEHAVIOR. WOULD YOU SUPPORT A DIVISIONIST, WANNABE DICTATOR, WHO APPEARS TO HAVE “REAL” MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES. or who is actually just a RAVING MANIAC. YOU ACTUALLY MAY BE DOING JUST THAT. HE IDOLIZES HITLER, one of the most maniacal leaders in the world. He praises SADDAM HUSSEIN, HITLER, AND PUTIN. His POLICIES. the few he has told us about are the type of things these dictators are guilty of doing. Are we AMERICA, or are we the next world holocaust, waiting to happen as soon as you vote?