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Former H.W. Bush Adviser Backs Clinton

A former adviser to former President George H. W. Bush officially endorsed Hillary Clinton on Sunday.

The Hill reports:

Donald P. Gregg, who served as a national security adviser to Bush while he was vice president, called GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump a dangerous option.

“In my view the two great diplomatic overtures since World War II were carried out by Republicans — Nixon to China and President George H.W. Bush’s outreach to Gorbachev and the Soviet Union after the collapse of the Berlin Wall,” Gregg said in a statement.

“But we now have a person at the top of Republican ticket who I believe is dangerous, doesn’t understand the complex world we live in, doesn’t care to, and is without any moral or international philosophy.

He went on to say he has met Clinton several times and followed her career.

“I’m impressed with her knowledge and experience. She would make an extremely good President,” he said.

A number of former officials and advisers with the Reagan and Bush administrations have publicly backed Clinton.

Reports emerged last week that George H.W. Bush himself will vote for Clinton in November.

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