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Horror Author Stephen King: Trump Presidency ‘Scares Me to Death’

Author Stephen King said on Sunday that he is “terrified” of a Donald Trump presidency.

“I’m terrified that he’ll become president,” King said Saturday during the National Book Festival in Washington D.C.

“A Trump presidency scares me more than anything else.”

The Hill reports:

King said that Trump’s popularity comes from fear.

“The key chord to all of this is fear,” he said. “We’re afraid the government is going to take away our guns, we’re afraid that Mexico is going to invade the United States, we’re afraid of this, we’re afraid of that, we’re afraid of taxes, we’re afraid of transgender bathrooms — the whole thing.”

“As long as people are fearful it’s hard to have a rational discussion,” he said.

He added that while he never would have believed Trump could become president, he thinks he know has a “real shot.”

“I think that Hillary Clinton has been a lackluster candidate, frankly, and there’s been a sense of entitlement about her campaign like, ‘Ah, it’s my turn and I’m running against a buffoon therefore I am already president.'”

King has been speaking out against Trump since he launched his campaign.

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