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Trump Singles out Non-Christians at Rally

Donald Trump singled out non-Christians at a rally on Wednesday in Iowa.

“Raise your hand if you’re not a Christian conservative. … There’s a couple people. That’s all right. I think we’ll keep them, right? Should we keep them in the room, yes? I think so,” Trump joked.

The Hill reports:

The Republican presidential nominee made the remark as he was praising evangelical Christians, stating that he won more support from the group than anyone ever predicted.

“Boy, did I do well with evangelicals,” Trump said. He then acknowledged a group called Christian Conservatives for Trump that was a special guest at the rally in Iowa.

“Raise your hand if you are a Christian conservative,” he asked as the crowd erupted in applause.

It was then that Trump asked if anyone else was in attendance.

Photo credit: ABC News / Screenshot.

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