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Reagan’s Son: Nancy Reagan Would Vote for Hillary

Former President Ronald Reagans’ son, Michael Reagan, said on Monday that his mother would have voted for Hillary Clinton.

The Hill reports:

“Don’t care if [Donald Trump’s] tax plan mirrors my fathers..He is no [Ronald Reagan]..and u need to get elected to implamenft (sic) it,” he later tweeted.

Michael Reagan also responded to a tweet about his mother to say that first lady Nancy Reagan would have voted for Clinton too, and was “appalled” by comparisons of Trump and the former president.

“Jane Wyman was my mother but I can tell u that Nancy would vote for Hillary and was appalled to hear people say he reminds them of RR,” he tweeted.

He also knocked Trump for suggesting that Clinton is cheating on her husband, former PresidentBill Clinton. During a rally Saturday night, Trump questioned Clinton’s loyalty to her husband, taking a shot at Bill Clinton’s past infidelities.

“I am embarrassed by Trump and the applause he receives when infering (sic) she cheats on Bill..Not the Party of Reagan..Someone has to stand up,” he tweeted.

Michael Reagan has been an outspoken critic of Trump during this election cycle, saying earlier this year he wouldn’t vote for Trump in the Republican presidential primary and that his father would be“confused” by the real estate mogul.

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