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Report: Clinton Could Be First Ever to Get 80 Percent of Latino Vote

On November 8, Hillary Clinton could receive the most Latino votes in history.

The Hill reports:

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton could get more Latino votes on Nov. 8 than any other presidential candidate in history, according to a tracking poll analysis released on Thursday.

Analysis firm Latino Decisions predicts Clinton will receive between 76.5 percent and 87.5 percent of the Latino vote in this election.

No presidential candidate has ever come close to hitting the 80 percent mark with that demographic.

Latino Decisions predicts that Republican nominee Donald Trump will receive between 9.5 percent and 20.5 percent of the Latino vote.

Trump’s campaign has campaigned on pledges to curb immigration and build a wall on the border with Mexico, both unpopular proposals with a majority of Latinos.

Harsh rhetoric and public quarrels with Latino personalities have further tarnished his image with the voting bloc.

Despite Trump’s unpopularity, some polls have shown him outperforming expectations with Latinos. A Gallup poll in July showed that U.S.-born and English-dominant Latinos were significantly more likely to support Trump.

Latino Decisions first released its prediction tool for the 2012 election, based on analysis of the 2010 midterm results and post-election surveys. Its final prediction one day before the election estimated President Obama would receive 73 percent of the Latino vote to GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s 27 percent.

Obama won 71 percent to Romney’s 27 percent, becoming the second highest Latino vote earner since 1980 after President Bill Clinton, who won 72 percent of the Latino vote in 1996.

President George W. Bush’s 2004 reelection campaign marks the best Republican showing with the demographic, with 40 percent of Latino votes in favor to Democratic nominee John Kerry’s 58 percent.

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