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Bob Schieffer on Trump Tape: This Is ‘Pigs Being Pigs’

Former CBS newsman Bob Schieffer has some comments on Trump’s taped admissions regarding women.

The Hill reports:

CBS News contributor Bob Schieffer on Sunday blasted Donald Trump‘s lewd remarks about women, saying the Republican presidential nominee’s comments can’t be excused as “boys being boys.”

“This goes beyond ‘boys being boys.’ This is ‘pigs being pigs,’ ” the retired newsman said on “Face the Nation.”

Schieffer also said that he would ask Trump bold questions if he were moderating the next presidential debate, scheduled for Sunday evening in St. Louis.

“I would ask about the elephant in the room,” he said. “I guess what I would say would be this: ‘Mr. Trump, if some man did to your daughters what you were talking about in that tape, would you think that was cool? Would you be OK with that?’ “

Photo credit: CNN/Screenshot.

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