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Top Clinton Ally Suggests He’d Pay Legal Fees for ‘the Apprentice’ Leakers

Various media outlets are treating potential tape leakers differently if another Trump tape becomes public.

The Hill reports:

The founder of a super PAC supporting Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton suggested Sunday he would cover the legal fees of any staffers who leaked outtakes from “The Apprentice.”

“If a $5 million ‘leak fee’ is what stands between truth and total Trump implosion, sign me up,” David Brock, the founder of American Bridge, said in an email to BuzzFeed News.

Pressure is mounting on “The Apprentice” producers to release footage that could be potentially damaging to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump after an old “Access Hollywood” outtake roiled his campaign.

TV producer Chris Nee tweeted he had been told that “Apprentice” staffers were threatened with a $5 million fee if any of the footage became public.

Mark Burnett, producer of “The Apprentice,” has threatened staffers with legal action over any potential leaks, according to another BuzzFeed report.

On Friday, The Washington Post revealed audio from 2005 of Trump caught on a hot mic making sexually aggressive comments about women, discussing an attempt to have sex with a married woman and saying that he could “do anything” to women because he was a celebrity.

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