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Obama to Protesters: ‘Get Your Own Rally’

President Barack Obama told protesters on Tuesday to stop interrupting him and to get their own rally.

“Is somebody hollering again?” he asked listeners in Greensboro, N.C., while campaigning for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

“Here’s the deal – try to get your own rally.  If you can’t get your own rally, don’t come up and mess up somebody else’s rally. We’ve got work to do.”

The Hill reports:

Obama was disrupted by protesters at least three times during Tuesday’s rally for Clinton, his former secretary of State.

The first wave of interrupters were wearing shirts bearing the slogan “Bill Clinton is a rapist” to criticize the former president, who is Hillary Clinton’s husband.

“This is the great thing about politics in America,” Obama said as audience members chanted “Hillary” at the demonstrators.

“Folks will just do all kinds of stuff. It takes all kinds. Those are folks who were auditioning for a reality show.”

Obama cautioned the crowd against booing the demonstrators, however, urging them to vote on Election Day instead.

“I heard some booing.  Don’t boo – vote.  It doesn’t really matter if some man runs across here and gets his 5 minutes of fame. What matters is who votes.”

Conservative radio host Alex Jones late last month offered up to $5,000 to any listener who called Bill Clinton a rapist on national TV.

Jones is a vocal critic of the Clintons and supports Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The GOP nominee has frequently brought up Bill Clinton’s past as the 2016 campaign winds down to the wire, inviting some of the women who accused him of sexual misconduct to Sunday’s presidential debate.

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