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CBS Poll: Women Give Clinton Edge in Battleground States

According to the latest polls, women are giving Hillary Clinton an edge in battleground states.

The Hill reports:

Clinton leads Trump, 46 percent to 40 percent, across New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado, Nevada and Arizona in the CBS News Battleground Tracker poll released Sunday morning.

Clinton now has a 15-point advantage among women nationally, pollsters found.

Trump’s support among Republican women in the new poll is 77 percent, down from 84 percent last month.

Almost three-quarters of all women, 73 percent, say Trump does not respect women, while two-thirds of men, 66 percent agree with that assessment.

Seventy percent of women also said they were offended by a leaked tape in which Trump made lewd comments about groping women in 2005.

But the Republican candidate still has strong support among his party’s voters, 74 percent of whom say the GOP should unite behind him.

Fifty-three precent of Republican voters also say that GOP leaders who are abandoning Trump are doing so because of political calculations, while just 13 percent say they are jumping ship as a matter of principle.

Clinton’s 6-point lead in Nevada is up from 2 points in the last survey.

Trump has a comfortable lead in Utah, however, with 37 percent. Clinton and independent Evan McMullin have 20 percent each.

CBS News interviewed 4,211 registered voters in Nevada, Utah and 12 battleground states. The margin of error is 2.5 points in the battleground states, 4.5 points in Nevada and 5.7 points in Utah.

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