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Nebraska Newspaper Breaks with Tradition, Endorses Clinton

The Omaha World-Herald, a popular newspaper in Nebraska broke from 100 years of Republican tradition and endorsed Hillary Clinton on Sunday.

The Hill reports:

In an editorial released late Saturday, the Nebraska newspaper said Clinton has the best chance to “implement change by working with Congress, foreign and domestic leaders and military leaders under normal circumstances as well as during a crisis.”

Editors noted, however, that Clinton, if elected, “will need to gain the trust of a significant portion of Americans who are concerned about her private email server and attendant deleted emails, her handling of the Benghazi crisis and her longstanding quest for a single-payer health care system in the United States.”

They said that the “risk of a [Republican nominee] Donald Trump presidency is simply too great,” pointing to his “alienation of so many groups” and a “lack of statesmanship that is fundamental to serving in the Oval Office.”

“This year’s presidential election has been the country’s most polarizing race in decades. If Secretary Clinton is elected, Americans will need her to be a uniting president, working from the center, and not advancing an agenda that will further alienate moderates and conservatives,” they said.

The Nebraska newspaper last endorsed a Democratic presidential candidate, Franklin D. Roosevelt, in 1932.

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