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Letters Spell out ‘Rig It’ Behind Clinton at Debate

By pure coincidence, the words “rig it” appeared behind Hillary Clinton during the third presidential debate.

The Hill reports:

Letters spelling out “rig it” were seen next to Hillary Clinton’s head during the final debate between the Democratic presidential nominee and Donald Trump, who has repeatedly stated they are in the midst of “rigged” election.

Text from the Declaration of Independence was used in the background behind both candidates during Wednesday’s debate in Las Vegas.

At least one eagle-eyed Twitter user from GQ magazine noted that when Clinton turned her head just so, only the first three letters of the word “rights” were visible.

Trump has said repeatedly in recent weeks that the election results are being “rigged” against him. “Remember, we are competing in a rigged election,” he told supporters in Wisconsin on Monday.

When asked by debate moderator Chris Wallace on Wednesday whether he would accept the Election Day results, Trump replied, “I will look at it.” He added, “I’ll keep you in suspense.”

Photo credit: CNN/Screenshot.


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