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Eric Trump Poses with Woman in Anti-Trump Shirt

Eric Trump accidentally posed with an anti-Donald Trump protester on Saturday that was wearing a shirt that said “Latina against Trump” in Spanish.

The Hill reports:

The sisters, Annie and Ceci Cardelle, posted photos of themselves at the North Carolina rally, where Eric Trump was campaigning for his father, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

One of the sisters told BuzzFeed that she originally did not want to attend the rally.

“I didn’t want to go hear Eric Trump speak, but [my sister] really wanted to, so I couldn’t just go without making a little bit of a statement,” Annie Cardelle told the outlet.

She tweeted photos of herself and pointed out that no one noticed her shirt said she was against Trump.

Her tweet went viral, garnering over 70,000 retweets as of Sunday evening.

The Republican nominee has received significant criticism for his rhetoric about minorities throughout the election cycle. When Donald Trump declared his candidacy in June 2015, he said many Mexican immigrants are “rapists” and other criminals.

In the final presidential debate on Wednesday, Trump used the phrase “bad hombres” when he spoke of securing the border.

Photo credit: Twitter / Screenshot.

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