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Obama to Make 150 Endorsements for Democratic Candidates Across 20 States: Report

President Obama is planning to endorse candidates in 20 state elections.

The Hill reports:

President Obama will endorse 150 Democratic candidates in state races across 20 states next week, Politico reports.

The endorsements will come through robocalls, social media, mailers and radio ads, according to the news outlet.

Obama will endorse Democrats running for state senate and assembly, Politico reports, an unprecedented effort for any president.

The first group of endorsements were made public Friday, with 13 in Florida.

More endorsements are coming, the White House told the news site, and will mostly be focused on swing states for “maximum impact.”

Democrats have hoped that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s unpopularity would help them build a defense against 2018 midterms that may be tough for the party to win if Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton becomes president.

Obama has never endorsed in state legislature races before this year, Politico notes.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr.

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