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Trump Rally Roars at Media in Tampa

A Donald Trump rally in Tampa Bay, Florida, turned violent on Monday after Trump riled up the crowd and encouraged that they take their frustration out on the media.

The Hill reports:

Fanning out his fingers from his forehead and glaring theatrically at the journalists at the back of his audience, Trump declared: “These people are among the most dishonest people in the world, the media.

“They are the worst.”

The crowd’s booing became so loud it briefly took over the rally in Tampa.

“They’re trying to fix the election for Crooked Hillary,” Trump said, referring to his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton. “Let them turn their cameras to see the crowd.

“They never do it,” he added, accusing the TV networks of conspiring to pretend he doesn’t have large crowds.

“They don’t want to show the crowd. They don’t want to show what’s happening. They don’t want to show the movement.”

Photo credit: Twitter.

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