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Adele: I’m 100 Percent for Clinton

Adele told an audience on Tuesday that she is 100 percent voting for Hillary Clinton and not Donald Trump.

The Hill reports:

The Grammy Award winner said during the concert that even though she’s English, “what happens in America affects me, too.”

Clinton has lauded Adele in the past, saying in a March interview that the singer was her “go-to voice.”

“I just have a huge admiration for her skills, her ability, and her personality,” Clinton said.

Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, contrasted the way people reacted to Clinton attending the Adele concert with people’s responses to Trump, the Republican nominee, attending his hotel opening.

“Respectfully, Hillary Clinton has time to go to an Adele concert and everybody else thinks that’s really cool,” Conway said Wednesday on the NBC’s “Today.”

“Donald Trump stops off to unveil an incredible, stunning piece of architecture and new hotel, first-class hotel and everybody’s hair is on fire.”

Photo credit: Billboard.com.

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