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Miley Cyrus: Clinton a ‘Total Goddess’

Miley Cyrus has come out in support of Hillary Clinton.

The Hill reports:

Hillary Clinton wasn’t Miley Cyrus’s first choice for president, but the pop singer says she now considers the Democratic nominee a “total goddess.”

“As someone who was openly supporting Bernie Sanders, I was kind of speaking to those people who now find themselves undecided — which I find ridiculous because in life we don’t always get the choices that we want,” Cyrus says about campaigning for Clinton in a Thursday interview on “Ellen.”

“We don’t always get what we want, so you do with what you have. So these are your choices,” the 23-year-old “The Voice” judge said. “And it is terrifying if someone besides Hillary Clinton — we shouldn’t even say the name — becomes president. I think she’s a total goddess and I just love her.”

Cyrus was in Virginia last weekend hitting the campaign trail for Clinton on the campus of George Mason University.

“Actually in D.C. I was out being a tourist, and taking pictures, and I saw multiple protests and people all wearing Bernie gear, and you know that’s not what we’re in,” Cyrus told host Ellen DeGeneres.

“The reason actually I was such a Bernie supporter in the beginning was because of how he’s been for the LGBTQ community from the beginning,” said Cyrus. “Hillary, I think she’s grown and that’s what it is, it’s just about we should celebrate progress, and not perfection.”

Calling GOP White House hopeful Donald Trump a “horrible” and “nasty guy,” Cyrus said, “I’m really excited to see her for the next four, and maybe even eight, years.”

“I hope you’re right,” DeGeneres replied.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr.

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