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Obama Hangs out with Aerosmith Singer on Air Force One

President Obama spent some time with the members of Aerosmith on Air Force One on Friday.

The Hill reports:

President Obama on Friday invited Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler to spend time with him aboard Air Force One in Florida, according to report from the Associated Press.

While Obama campaigned for the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in Orlando, Aerosmith was passing through the city after returning from Mexico.

According to the Daily Mail, Obama said that he could meet with the Tyler if he was willing to wait for the president to finish his event.

When the two finally met, Obama said that he is a fan of the rock group, and invited them to perform at the White House.

Obama and Tyler, who were also joined by Aerosmith’s Joe Perry, then sang an impromptu rendition of “Walk This Way,” according to the Daily Mail.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr.

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