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Hundreds of Economists Call Trump ‘Unique Danger’ to Democracy

More than 300 economists called Donald Trump “a dangerous, destructive choice for the country” in an open letter that was released on Tuesday.

The Hill reports:

The letter, first reported by The Wall Street Journal, criticizes the Republican nominee’s rhetoric on trade and general skepticism of economic facts, data and institutions.

“He promotes magical thinking and conspiracy theories over sober assessments of feasible economic policy options,” reads the missive, which was signed by 370 economists.
The economists say Trump “degrades trust in vital public institutions” such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and shows no understanding of or willingness to learn about economic policy.

They cite Trump’s promise to eliminate the federal debt without a credible plan, and misleading statements about trade, American manufacturing and immigration as “a deep ignorance of economics and an inability to listen to credible experts.”

Trump’s claims about trade and immigration’s effect on wages and jobs, characterization of the U.S. tax code and suggestion that trade is “zero-sum” and dependent on the “toughness” of negotiators don’t hold water, the economists said.

The economists also criticized Trump’s lack of focus on entitlement reform and transitioning industrial workers to modern service-sector jobs.

“Donald Trump is a dangerous, destructive choice for the country,” they wrote.

Trump has been criticized by economic experts throughout the campaign. Liberals and conservatives alike blasted his promise of 4-6 percent annual economic growth as “not realistic” and a “ridiculous expectation.”

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