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The Danger in Voting for Trump

Regardless of whether Donald Trump wins the election and becomes the President, he has already won by spreading malicious lies and falsehoods concerning his opponent and the American people.

The Hill reports:

Donald Trump has already won. A heightened sense of fear, paranoia, hatred, intolerance and anger pervades America.

Mission accomplished. His next exploitative venture — a clownish news channel or some twisted reality show that features his scowling mug daily — now has an enthusiastic, fired up fan base.

Do you really want this ruthless, arrogant, self-serving and divisive con man as our next president of these “un-United States?”

There’s at least a light year of difference between Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The former Secretary of State, who started her career with high ideals, got a little too close to Wall Street. But thanks largely to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, former Democratic presidential candidate, Clinton has agreed to break up big banks, regulate Wall Street and fight for a desperately needed living wage.

Trump, whose number one goal has always been self enrichment, is America’s most dangerous home-bred terrorist.

His weapons are fear and divisiveness, planted not so subtly in the hearts and minds of the disenchanted, subject to explode anytime.

Fellow Christians actually contemplating a vote for Trump based on his professed pro-life claims, should seriously consider his flip flopping on the issue.

Really, on what basis can we trust anything Trump says? Additionally, would a majority Conservative supreme court actually overturn Roe vs. Wade? One hasn’t yet.

A conservative Supreme Court, however, most assuredly would endorse criminal decisions like Citizens’ United that in effect help perpetuate a rigged system which enriches fat cats and penalizes the people.

Thankfully, the abortion rate is dropping. And yes, it needs to become exceedingly rare. But what about the 16 million children in this country who are living in poverty right now? Which presidential candidate is truly speaking for them?

Millions of children reportedly go to bed hungry each night.How can a child learn, let alone thrive without nutrition?

Trump is no outsider. He’s a festering amalgamation of our lesser selves. The monstrous embodiment of everything ugly and ruinous about the Republican Party.

He’s that twisted, contorted reflection staring back from the sideshow funhouse mirror.

A vote for Trump only endorses a long-standing conservative ideology that opposes a living wage, threatens families’ assistance programs, while protecting corporate loopholes for the greedy.

Why should some Wal-mart employees, working for the richest corporation in America, be forced to survive on food stamps?

All this blathering from Trump’s camp about a rigged election is just more deflection and projection from the master illusionist.

Out of one billion votes cast since 2000 in America, just 36 cases of voter fraud have been discovered. It’s virtually non-existent.

Election (not voter) fraud is another matter. Electronic voting machines are easily manipulated absent legitimate oversight. (See reports alleging George W. Bush reportedly stole the pivotal swing state of Ohio in 2004. What should be really troubling to all Americans is not the tired, old exploited issue of Clinton’s emails (Until FBI Director James Comey found new evidence he should have kept his mouth shut), but Trump’s demonstrative connections to Russian oligarchs and mobsters.

Where’s all the hubbub over this?

Our intelligence agencies tells us Russia has hacked voter registration computers in more than 20 states in this country, as well as infiltrated Democratic Party emails.

Published reports suggest Russia has been trying to recruit Trump, whose foreign policy advisor Carter Page has serious business ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

A first grader could connect the dots. Trump, with Russia’s help, plans to steal the election. If he fails, he’s done the damage he desired and has a convenient excuse for losing.

If Comey can emerge from the shadows just over a week before election day to raise the specter of more Clinton email trouble, surely he can level with us about Trump’s apparent treasonous ties — before Nov. 8.

Trump, through his “rigged election” claims, is, as usual, projecting the crimes of which he is guilty, onto his opponent.

That Trump pattern of deflection and projection has served the sideshow barker all too well.

But, to anyone paying attention, it should be all too clear that the only significant fraud in the 2016 presidential elections, is Donald J. Trump.

McKinney is a freelance writer living at the Jersey Shore.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr.

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