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Trump Has Made Almost 500 False Claims in Last 7 Weeks: Report

According to the Toronto Star, Donald Trump has fibbed 494 times to the public since September 15th.

The Hill reports:

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has made almost 500 false claims since Sept. 15, according to a fact-check by the Toronto Star.

The Star’s final tally came to 494 false statements, most of which were about the policies of his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton. Other categories include his “rigged election” claim, the polls, his own record, and taxes.

The Star listed each reported falsehood with the relevant quote and date.

Two of Trump’s statements on the rigged election, for example, are from Oct. 25.

“She hired people, thugs, to go into my rallies…go into a rally and beat people up,” he said.

“The violence was caused by Hillary Clinton’s campaign, where they were paying people $1,500 and a cellphone to go in and create tremendous violence. Hit people, punch people,” he also said on that date.

The newspaper also checked Trump’s statements about the Iraq War.

Trump has insisted he never supported the U.S. Invasion of Iraq, despite evidence that he voiced support for the war before he came out against it.

The newspaper included multiple instances when Trump said he was against the war.

“I was against getting into the war in Iraq,” the billionaire said on Sept. 19.

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