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Bill Maher: Trump a ‘Sexual Predator’

Bill Maher slammed Donald Trump on Monday night, calling him a “sexual predator.”

“GOP now stands for, ‘Grab our p——,” he told host Jimmy Fallon on NBC’s “The Tonight Show”Monday, referencing a 2005 audio tape of Trump discussing groping women.

“This is a different beast than we’ve ever encountered before,” Maher added of the Republican presidential nominee.

“[Trump’s] a racist, a liar, a tax cheat, a deadbeat, a Russian agent and a sexual predator. ‘How do you find your way out the door in the morning?’ is what I’d say to undecided voters.”

The Hill reports:

Maher said Trump disregards the Constitution and American legal tradition, raising troubling questions about the implications of his possible presidency.

“This will be a completely different country,” he said of a Trump victory. “By the way, young people, when fascists take over, they don’t give up power. Get used to President Trump for life.”

Maher added Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has run a poor campaign but is still the best choice for the Oval Office.

“She campaigns like a hospice nurse,” said Maher, who supports Clinton. “She laughs like she just tricked Snow White into eating an apple. But she’d make a fine president; that’s what you have to understand.

“They hacked her and she’s not that interesting. They looked everywhere. What did they find? A tireless government nerd who never stops working for you.”

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