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Obama’s Approval Nears Record High One Day Before Election

One day before the 2016 election, President Obama’s approval rating has soared to 56 percent.

The Hill reports:

President Obama’s approval rating hit 56 percent on Monday in Gallup’s tracking poll.

That’s close to an all-time high. He was at 57 percent in mid-October, the highest approval rating since 2012.

Obama sought to use some of that good will to boost Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton the campaign trail, just one day before Election Day.

“Whatever credibility I’ve earned after eight years as president, I am asking you to trust me on this one,” Obama said Monday afternoon as he campaigned for Clinton, according to Politico.
In October, the White House said Obama’s popularity may be soaring partly because voters are turned off by Republican nominee Donald Trump.

“I think the public appraisal of the president’s character is one that even in the most difficult times has been pretty durable, and I think people are reminded of that when they hear some of the rhetoric that’s uttered by the Republican nominee for president,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest said at the time.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr.

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