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Sanders Campaign Motivated 100 Local Candidates to Run: Report

Bernie Sanders has sparked a revolution, inspiring 100 local political candidates to run for public office.

The Hill reports:

Candidates across the country running for mayoral, city council and other local government positions say it was Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) who inspired them to run.

Staff at Sanders’s legacy organization, Our Revolution, told ABC News that more than 15,000 people signed up to receive information about running for office some day.

According to the group, 104 of those people decided to run this cycle and have been backed by Our Revolution.

Sanders ”taught us that if we want things to change, if we want to fight against the status quo, we have to start at the grassroots level,” Shannon Jackson, the executive director of Our Revolution, told ABC News.

“The candidates running this cycle didn’t have to be recruited, they were inspired by his message and the progressive values of the political revolution.”

Another Our Revolution staffer, Erika Andiola, told ABC News that the group had “raised almost $1,250,000 for these candidates, and we are approaching 1,000,000 text messages and 100,000 calls made [by] the Bernie volunteers.”

She said the group “will continue to work with and train those who are still motivated to run on Bernie’s platform for local and federal seats.”

During his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, the Vermont senator stressed the importance of voting and getting involved in politics at the local level in order to enact change.

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