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NYT Responds to Trump Tweets

The New York Times is responding to Donald Trump’s claims on Twitter that the newspaper is losing money.

The Hill reports:

The New York Times responded to President-elect Donald Trump’s assertion that the newspaper is losing “thousands of subscribers” because of its “very poor” coverage of his campaign.

“Fact: surge in new subscriptions, print & digital, with trends, stops & starts, 4 X better than normal,” the Times’s PR team shot back on Sunday.

The paper’s communications department also shared a letter from the publisher that was sent to subscribers and employees regarding its coverage.

The president-elect had blasted the newspaper early Sunday for its “very poor” coverage of the “Trump phenomena.”

In another tweet attacking the paper, Trump called it “dishonest” for reporting that he “believes ‘more countries should acquire nuclear weapons.’ ”

During the campaign, Trump said he might support Japan and South Korea acquiring nuclear weapons.

Trump frequently criticized coverage of his campaign throughout the presidential primaries and general election, often using social media to call out specific news outlets.

Despite sending at least seven tweets on Sunday, Trump told “60 Minutes” in an interview airing Sunday night that he would be restrained on Twitter as president.

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