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Trump to Ban Appointees from Lobbying for Foreign Governments

New appointees to Donald Trump’s transition government are banned from lobbying foreign governments for life.

The Hill reports:

President-elect Donald Trump’s political appointees will be banned from ever lobbying for a foreign government, his transition team said Thursday.

The lifetime ban builds upon the new lobbying rules that were first announced Wednesday night.

All officials appointed to the Trump administration will be barred from registering to lobby for five years after leaving, Republican National Committee chief strategist Sean Spicer told reporters Wednesday.

Thursday morning, Spicer said the rules would also include a prohibition on working for foreign governments.

“What’s crucial to understand about this lobbying ban is instead of looking back, it looks forward,” Spicer said. “The focus on this is to ensure service to the nation is truly first. And that the ability …. to enrich themselves is not at the heart of this.”

“Mr. Trump again continues to talk about the change he’s bringing to Washington,” Spicer added. “This is true forward-thinking change.”

People who are now registered lobbyists must also de-register before joining the Trump transition team or administration.

The proposals were part of a five-point ethics reform package that Trump first unveiled on the campaign trail.

Many of his other reforms — such as expanding the definition of what a lobbyist is, closing “all the loopholes that former government officials use by labeling themselves consultants and advisors when we all know they are lobbyists.” — would require an act of Congress.

It is unclear what will happen what will happen to President Obama’s executive order on lobbying, which placed limits on who could come into the administration. It banned people who had been registered lobbyists in the last two years from working on issues they once lobbied on.

Obama’s order also put in place restrictions on lobbyists visiting the White House and a ban on all gifts from lobbyists.

Below is the full pledge that anyone joining the Trump administration or transition team must sign:

“By signing below I hereby certify that I am not currently registered and reporting as a federal lobbyist as defined by the Lobbying Disclosure Act as amended or as a compensated lobbyist at the state level in any state. If I was listed as lobbyist in the most recent lobbying disclosure forms or reported to be filed by federal or state law, I hereby notify the president-elect’s transition team that I have filed the necessary forms to the appropriate government agency to terminate my [lobbying registration]. I will provide the transition team with written evidence of my federal or state lobbyist termination as soon as possible.”

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