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Poll: Voters Preferred Clinton’s Campaign over Trump’s

A new poll has revealed that a large of Americans preferred Hillary Clinton’s campaign to Donald Trumps.

The Hill reports:

Only 30 percent of those surveyed in a new Pew poll gave Trump an “A” or “B” grade for his campaign, while 35 percent gave him an “F.”

Meanwhile, 43 percent gave Clinton either an “A” or “B,” the first time in the history of Pew’s post-election poll that the losing candidate scored better than the winner.

The poll also found that 50 percent were happy that Trump won the election while 48 percent were unhappy with the outcome.

Overall, 56 percent of those polled expect Trump to have a successful first term.

Of the Trump supporters who were polled, 97 percent said they expect his first term to be successful.

Almost 9 in 10, 88 percent, said they are confident in the type of president Trump will be, and 90 percent expressed confidence in his ability to address crucial issues in office.

But Clinton supporters are much less likely to think Trump will be successful.

Seventy-six percent said they expect Trump to be unsuccessful in his first term, while 58 percent said they are willing to give him a chance.

Almost 40 percent said they could not give Trump a chance, however, “because of the kind of person he has show himself to be.”

The poll was conducted from Nov. 10 to 14 among 1,254 Americans who voted in the presidential election. The margin of error for the poll was 3.4 percentage points.

Photo credit: CNN.

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