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Roger Stone: Recount Ups Prosecution Odds for Clinton

According to political pundit and ally of President-elect Donald Trump Roger Stone, a recount will increase the chance that Trump pushes for a new probe into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

The Hill reports:

“I think Hillary increases her chances of prosecution by acting this way,” Roger Stone said Monday on Newsmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show.”

Marc Elias, the Clinton campaign’s general counsel, announced this weekend that the Clinton team’s analysts would take part in recount efforts led by the Green Party’s Jill Stein, despite having found little evidence of election sabotage.

On Monday, Stone accused liberals of hypocrisy, citing their past criticism of Trump for hesitating to commit to accepting the presidential election’s outcome.

“They crucified Donald Trump because he wouldn’t say unilaterally he would support the winner of the election until he knew whether there’d be fraud and inappropriate voter manipulation,” he said.

“Now, the shoe is suddenly on the other foot. Now suddenly, Jill Stein, who couldn’t raise 2 cents, has now raised $5.5 to $7 million.”

Stone then charged that either Clinton or Democratic mega-donor George Soros is funding Stein’s recount efforts, without providing evidence for his claims.

“We have to presume this is Soros money or otherwise Hillary money,” he said without further clarification.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission on Friday announced it would undertake a recount effort after separate requests from Stein and Reform Party nominee Rocky De La Fuente.

Trump on Sunday blasted the recount effort, vowing “nothing would change” after wasted money and time.

Stein is nonetheless pressing on with her recount efforts after having raised millions of dollars.

The Green Party nominee earlier Monday filed a recount in Pennsylvania and is hoping to launch a similar move in Michigan before a Wednesday deadline.

Trump frequently pledged during his Oval Office bid that he would appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton for wrongdoing while secretary of State.

Trump has since dialed down his rhetoric, however, insisting earlier this month, for example, he would rather not “hurt” Clinton.

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