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Sanders: GOP Government a ‘Threat to American Democracy’

Sen. Bernie Sanders on Monday tore into the GOP and suggested that their control over the entire government posed a “threat to American democracy.”

“For many Republican leaders, ‘democracy’ means billionaires buying elections and poor and working people being disenfranchised,” Sanders said.

“Too many Americans have fought and died to defend American democracy. The Republican anti-democratic vision is not a future we will allow to happen.”

The Hill reports:

In describing the threat, Sanders said Republicans will want to end all limits on campaign finance. He argued that GOP leaders want “billionaires to be able to contribute directly to the candidate and, in essence, make the candidate a full-fledged employee of wealthy contributors.”

The Independent senator and Democrats have repeatedly pushed legislation and called on the Supreme Court to overturn Citizens United, a 2010 Supreme Court decision that struck down limits on corporations’ campaign expenditures.

Sanders also argued that a GOP-controlled government will try to make it harder for some Americans to vote.

“Republicans will likely move aggressively to expand their current voter suppression efforts,” he said.

“When Trump talks his disgraceful and unfounded nonsense about millions of people voting illegally, he is sending a very clear signal that the Republicans will move to make it harder for people of color, the elderly, immigrants, young people and poor people to participate in elections.”

Trump on Sunday argued that there was “serious voter fraud” in Virginia, New Hampshire and California and that he could have won the popular vote if it wasn’t for fraud.

Sanders said the states must “resist all efforts at voter suppression” and should make it easier for people to vote.

“States like California, Vermont and others have already moved effectively in that direction. Others must follow,” he said.

Vermont and California both implemented automatic voter registration legislation this year.

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