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De Blasio: Electoral College Should Be Abolished

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio called out the Electoral College system on Tuesday, saying that he believes it should be “abolished.”

“Obviously we have a profound problem. We’ve never seen such a disconnect between the popular vote and the Electoral College vote in the history of this entire country,” de Blasio, who backed Clinton, the Democratic nominee, said during a press conference.

“And this morning, I checked the numbers again, and Hillary Clinton’s up by 2.3 million votes. This is absolutely unprecedented, and I think it creates a huge question for our democracy. How is the president-elect going to proceed knowing that he had 2.3 million more people vote for his opponent?” de Blasio said.

The Hill reports:

When reporters asked if he thought it was time to get rid of the Electoral College, de Blasio responded, “Yes.”

De Blasio argued that recount efforts in three states led by Green Party nominee Jill Stein are “well-intentioned” and draw attention to the difference between the popular vote that Clinton won and the electoral vote, which Trump won.

“I have not seen any evidence that it’s going to change the outcome, but I think it will serve to remind people that something unprecedented happened here, and I hope it will serve as a reminder to the president-elect and his administration that they have to take a balanced approach that they have to respect the majority that actually voted the other way,” he said.

Stein has filed for recounts in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and plans to file in Michigan. She has said the recounts are a way to ensure the integrity of votes in traditionally blue states that Trump won this year.

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