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Ex-Staffer on Trump Taiwan Flap: Clinton Warned Us This Would Happen

Apparently, Hillary Clinton’s doubts about Donald Trump’s ability to govern international policy and politics may have been right, due to Trump’s receptive telephone call with Taiwan.

The Hill reports:

A former Hillary Clinton spokesman on Friday said Clinton warned the nation that President-elect Donald Trump was not prepared to conduct international diplomacy.

Shortly after news emerged of Trump’s controversial phone conversation with Taiwan’s president, former Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon tweeted: “If only someone had warned us Trump was not up to the task of international diplomacy.”

If only someone had warned us Trump was not up to the task of international diplomacy. pic.twitter.com/jRsKT7VKq0

— Brian Fallon (@brianefallon) December 3, 2016

The tweet including a video of Clinton from a June speech in which she warns that Trump is not prepared for “solving global crises.”

“Rather than solving global crises, he would create new ones. He has no sense of what it takes to deal with multiple countries with competing interests and reaching a solution that everyone can get behind,” Clinton said at the time.

“In fact, he is downright contemptuous of that work and that means he’s much more likely to end up leading us into conflict,” she added.

Trump spoke to Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen on the phone Friday, breaking decades of U.S. protocol and risking a rift with China. The U.S. recognized China’s claim on Taiwan in 1979, and as such has not had diplomatic relations with the island since. The arrangement is known as the “one China” policy.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr.

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