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CEO: Ford Will Work With Trump If Policies Right

Ford Motor Company is willing to keep jobs in America if they can reach an agreement with Donald Trump’s proposed policies, according to Ford CEO Mark Fields.

The Hill reports:

Ford Motor Co. is willing to work with President-elect Donald Trump if he institutes policies favorable to the automotive industry, the company’s CEO says.

“We will be very clear in the things we’d like to see,” Mark Fields said in an interview with Bloomberg on Friday, adding he would like to see safety guidelines for autonomous vehicles, tax reform and laws that promote free and fair trade.

Fields also expressed dissatisfaction with the fuel-economy standards that he said are hurting the automotive industry by requiring car manufacturers to build more hybrid cars than the market demands.

“In 2008, there were 12 electrified vehicles offered in the U.S. market and it represented 2.3 percent of the industry,” Fields told Bloomberg. “Fast forward to 2016, there’s 55 models, and year to date it’s 2.8 percent.”

Throughout his campaign, Trump vowed to secure American jobs and create incentives to keep automakers from outsourcing to foreign countries. He also previously criticized Ford for planning to invest in Mexico, calling such a move “an absolute disgrace.”

“These ridiculous, job crushing transactions will not happen when I am president,” Trump said in April.

Part of Trump’s pledge to keep jobs in the U.S. was his threat to impose tariffs on Ford’s cars that are built abroad.

Fields said that such a tariff would likely be imposed on all U.S. car manufacturers and would subsequently create a negative impact on the economy of Mexico, U.S. and Canada.

“It would be imposed on the entire industry, not just singling out a single company,” Fields told the publication.

“When you look at the production and supply chains and how they’re integrated between the three countries, putting a tariff on that would have a negative impact on all the economies.”

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