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Reid: Comey Should Be Investigated in Wake of Russia Report

Harry Reid believes that James Comey acted in violation of the law and should be investigated, especially since the CIA’s recent report was published alleging that Russia interfered with the election.

The Hill reports:

[email protected] says FBI Director James Comey should be investigated in wake of CIA revelations. RETWEET 2AGREE #AMJoy https://t.co/Xu9THTOOfz

— AM Joy w/Joy Reid (@amjoyshow) December 10, 2016

Retiring Sen. Harry Reid on (D-Nev.) on Saturday blasted FBI Director James Comey, calling for him to be investigated in light of a report that the CIA secretly concluded Russia was trying to help Donald Trump win the presidency.

“I think [Comey] should be investigated by the Senate, he should be investigated by other agencies of the government, including the security agencies,” Reid told MSNBC.

“You look at the accounts we have just in the press the last few days its stunning, stunning, the conclusions reached by the press. Thank goodness we’ve got them still around … this is not fake news, okay?” he added.

The Washington Post on Friday reported that the CIA concluded Russia was intervening in the election specifically to help Trump.

Reid said he believed Comey was aware of the concerns of Russian interference in the election but chose not to release the information before Election Day.

“I am so disappointed in Comey. He has let the country down for partisan purposes,” he added, calling for the FBI head’s resignation.

In his interview, he also praised Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) for his efforts to investigate Russia’s influence on the election.

“I believe Lindsey Graham is a voice of concern,” Reid said.

Graham this week said he would lead an investigation into Russia’s involvement in the election.

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