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Van Jones Hits Trump for Not Condemning Russia: ‘This Is Baffling to Anybody With a Functioning Brain Stem’

Van Jones lashed out at Donald Trump for not being a “patriot” when addressing the recent allegations of Russian hacking in the American presidential election.

The Hill reports:

Democratic political commentator Van Jones on Sunday hit President-elect Donald Trump for not condemning Russia’s interference in the election.

“This is baffling to anybody with a functioning brain stem. We have to be honest about this,” Jones said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“Yes, other presidents tried to say nice things about the Russians … not in the face of an active attack on the country. Cyber war is real war, so you have an active attack on our country, and you have the president-elect who cannot find it in himself to say ‘this is wrong, and it needs to stop.'”

The FBI and CIA have concluded that Russia’s hacks into the email accounts of Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton staffers was intended to help Trump win the election.

But Trump has dismissed the allegations, saying there is no proof to reach that conclusion.

“Listen. He can respond personally to an attack. He can respond as a partisan to an attack. But he can’t respond as a patriot to an attack? This is an attack on our country,” Jones said.

“I just think that everyone is sitting here trying to pretend that this is normal. This is not normal. This is dangerous.”

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