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Filipino President: Trump Has a Mouth Like Mine

Rodrigo Duterte is willing to work with Donald Trump as long as they have a mutually beneficial relationship for America and the Philippines.

The Hill reports:

Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte this weekend compared himself to Donald Trump, offering praise for the president-elect and suggesting the two might work well together in the future.

“I like your mouth,” The Associated Press reported Duterte said of Trump. “It’s like mine — yes, Mr. President. We are similar and people with the same feathers flock together.”

Duterte has been the subject of much criticism from the Obama administration for extrajudicial killings of suspected drug dealers.

The Filipino president has responded by calling Obama the “son of a bitch,” and telling him to “go to hell.”

Duterte’s comments on Saturday were part of a statement threatening to end a longstanding agreement allowing U.S. troops to visit the country.

“You know, tit for tat … if you can do this, so [can] we. It ain’t a one-way traffic,” Duterte said, adding: “Bye-bye America.”

Duterte said that he would reassess the relationship under Trump.

“I have talked to Trump, he was very nice, very courteous. I could not sense any hostile drift, or even the manner he was saying it, so, in deference, I’ll just wait,” he said.

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