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Study: Sanders ‘America’ Ad Made Viewers Happiest

A Bernie Sanders’ ad has been rated the best campaign ad out of 1000 total ads, in a recent Vanderbilt University study.

The Hill reports:

Bernie Sanders’s “America” TV ad was the highest-rated campaign ad for making viewers feel happy and hopeful, according to a study.

Vanderbilt University’s SpotCheck showed 1,000-person panels campaign ads throughout the election and asked them a series of questions about the ads’ emotional effects.

Sanders’s “America” ad ranked the highest for making viewers feel happy and hopeful, according to the New York Times.

The ad features a montage of Americans from different parts of the country set to the Simon and Garfunkel song “America.”

The lyrics “They’ve all come to look for America,” play as Sanders greets supporters at rallies.

Spotcheck found that 80 percent of viewers said it made them feel at least a little happy and hopeful — including more than half of the Republicans who watched it.

When asked how often they’d run the “America” ad, more than half of those surveyed said they would advise the campaign to run it a lot, including 51 percent of Republicans and almost 60 percent of independents.

Sanders won 22 states in the Democratic presidential primary, giving a surprising challenge to the eventual nominee Hillary Clinton.

Sanders dropped out of the race in July, endorsing Clinton and speaking on her behalf at the Democratic National Convention. He campaigned for her in the general election as well.

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