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Most Americans Doubt Trump Can Handle Presidential Duties

According to a new poll, most Americans are skeptical that President-elect Donald Trump will be able to handle his presidential duties.

The Hill reports:

Forty-six percent of poll respondents are confident that Trump can handle an international crisis, while 47 percent believe he will he use military force wisely. Forty-four percent of Americans expressed confidence that Trump will be able to prevent major scandals in his administration.

By comparison, solid majorities were confident in Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton before they took office. At least seven in 10 Americans thought Obama, Bush and Clinton could handle those same duties.

The greatest confidence in Trump comes in his ability to work with Congress and handle economy: 60 percent of Americans believe Trump will work effectively with Congress and 59 percent think he will handle the economy effectively.

Trump’s business background may be bolstering Americans’ relatively positive expectations for his performance on the economy, Gallup noted.

When it comes to defending U.S. interests and managing the executive branch effectively, 55 percent and 53 percent of Americans are confident in Trump’s ability, respectively.

Relatively few Democrats are convinced Trump will be able to handle his various presidential responsibilities, with just 14 percent believing he will prevent scandals and 35 percent expecting him to work effectively with Congress.

Meanwhile, between 77 percent and 90 percent of Republicans are confident in the president-elect, with more Republican confidence in Trump’s ability to handle the economy and work with Congress and less confidence in whether he will avoid scandals.

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