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McMullin: ‘Does Donald Trump Act on Behalf of a Foreign Power?’

Former independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin asked on Sunday whether President-elect Donald Trump works for a foreign power due to his erratic and questionable behavior.

The Hill reports:

“There are two tests, the first test is this question: Does Donald Trump act on behalf of a foreign power, or does he act in the interests of a foreign power especially over our own interests?” McMullin asked.

“The clear answer to that is yes, and that is very alarming.”

McMullin then questioned whether the president-elect acted under the “control of a foreign power.”

“That’s very hard to determine. I think we would know more if we had his tax returns,” McMullin said.

“But it very disturbing and peculiar, to say the least, that Donald Trump, that there is one thing he’s consistent on, it’s his defense of Vladimir Putin and the Russians.”

McMullin said the president-elect has changed his stance on a variety of different issues, but his opinion of Putin has stayed the same.

“Over the past year, he has remained absolutely consistent on that,” he said.

“That is something we need to know more about, but it is truly alarming.”

The president-elect on Saturday tweeted that having a good relationship with Russia was a “good thing.”

Last month, he praised Russian President Vladimir Putin as “very smart” for not retaliating against the U.S. for new sanctions.

A declassified report released last week by the intelligence community said that Putin ordered a widespread influence campaign intended to help elect Trump.

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